Course Synopsis

  • Post-harvest physiology of horticultural commodities 
  • Control of post-harvest losses 
  • Refrigeration and cooling systems. 
  • Handling and storage of roots, tubers, cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables, and legumes 
  • Management of environmental factors on the quality parameters of stored products 
  • Building and other structures for food storage

This course addresses principles of produce packaging including packaging functions and requirements, types of packaging materials, modified atmosphere packaging, shelf life and safety among other relevant topics. The course is offered through a blended experience (face-to-face and online) involving theory, demonstrations and hands-on experiences along.

At the completion of the course participants will:

      • Understand packaging functions and requirements to select packaging materials and/or packaging systems for several agricultural produce categories.
      • Be familiar with the gamut of packaging materials including environmentally friendly packaging systems.
      • Gain knowledge on various technologies used in food packaging to extend the shelf life of farm produce.

The course is a 3-credit unit and will be taught with a nominal contact of between 3 hours per week over semester

This course is designed for engineering and technology students conducting postgraduate research work on engineering and technology projects. The objective of the course is to translate current research methods, which are mostly from a social science perspective, into something more relatable and understandable to engineers and technologists.